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The Image of Evita

My paper focuses on how the role of women in government and social systems evolved in Argentina. In particular, I contrast the colonial period with the 20th century. Some materials that I am using for my paper include a book authored by Asuncion Lavrin, titled Latin American Women: Historical Perspectives as well as Susan Socolow’s The Women of Colonial Latin America. 

In my paper I use Evita as a model for the 20th century woman, and found this article particularly interesting: Eva Perón in the Twenty-First Century: The Power of the Image in Argentina

This article details Evita’s image at first lady, and showcases how the first female president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, evoked Evita’s image to gain support.  I found this piece interesting because is highlights facets of Evita’s image that were important for her and Peron to have political support–the way she interacted with laborers, her philanthropic tendencies, and her maternal image.

This article connects with bigger ideas in my paper because it highlights how the role of women in government had evolved. Particularly, is shows how it is still evolving, and how the first female president used Evita’s lasting image as a stepping stone into power. When the article characterizes Evita, it highlights her rags to riches story, and how she was able to retain a connection with lower class citizens through her foundation.

Some aspects of Evita’s life that are missing in this article is a larger discussion on how her role as first lady played off of her husbands role as president. The article mentions how they were seen as a mother and father for the country, but does not address how they used their actions to each others advantage to retain power.  This would be particularly interesting if addressed in the article considering that Cristina became president after serving as first lady.

Because my paper is on the evolving role of women in government, this article was perfect for highlighting the modern role for women that was trail-blazed by Evita.

Leadership of Indigenous Women In Latin American Environmental Activism

In light of the topic of gender roles in our readings last week, and the topic of Latin American environmental history in one of our readings next week, I was very interested in this blog. It was interesting to see the leadership role which many indigenous women have assumed in order to protect their land and culture from climate change and transnational corporations, despite the dangers they face for their activism.




Latin American Liberalism Today

Since we’ve been reading about the rise of classical liberalism in class, I wanted to share the following article about modern-day liberal movements that are taking hold, involving issues such as abortion as opposed to the “Progress”-driven liberalism of mid 19th century that mostly left out gender rights.