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The Dominican Republic under Trujillo


The Dictator′s Seduction: Politics and the Popular Imagination in the Era of Trujillo

by Lauren Derby



Trujillo, the Goat. Of beasts, Men, and Politics in the Dominican Republic 


by Lauren Derby



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Summary of Facts: Investigation of CIA Involvement in Plans to Assassinate Foreign Leaders (1975)


Page 70-86 on the Dominican Republic and the Assassination of Rafael Trujillo

Caudillos: A definition


 A wealthy, land-owning regional leader that can exercise power through patronage, military prowess, economic pull, and charisma who formed the central authority figures in Latin America during and after separation from European powers. Caudillos were men who often epitomized masculinity, often being war heroes, who sought to maintain order and ensure property rights of landowners. They were often ineffective in immediately applying the liberal ideals that motivated revolution to their fledgling countries. Many caudillos did not hold official political power, but still had authority over their areas of influence. 

Written by Andrew Berta, crafted by the students of 21H.171. Sept 25th, 2017.



The Mexican Miracle and the 1968 Olympics


In the decades leading up to the 1968 Olympics, Mexico had gone through a period of major economic growth, which would come to be known as the “Mexican Miracle.” The country had rapidly industrialized, rapidly urbanized, and its capital, Mexico City, had grown into an enormous metropolis.

Due to its size and layout, Mexico City was a challenging place to host a major international event like the Olympics. The city itself was sprawling and spreading, still at the height of its “Miracle.” …..